Wisdom to Wellness

Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow

Maureen Minnehan Jones   by Maureen Minnehan Jones

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Wisdom to Wellness:  "it represents a work that transcends most healing practices today"
  ~ Bryon Pulsifer--Inspirational Words of Wisdom

Wisdom to Wellness is one of this year’s gems for your book shelf.
  ~ Jenn Royster: Intuitive Counselor, Spiritual Teacher, Visionary, Energy Healer, Writer and Radio Show Host.

Wisdom to Wellness: This is a book that goes to the deepest level of our healing, and presents valuable information on how to understand which diseases we have, or may get and why.
  ~  Evita Ochel B.Sc., B.Ed., CHN, RNC, CNHP--Evita is the editor of Evolving Wellness
      and author of the newly released book Healing & Prevention Through Nutrition.

Wisdom to Wellness: I think Maureen is offering us a life changing complement to the many self-healing techniques that exist.
  ~ Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HNC-BC, FCN-Imagery International.


Maureen Minnehan Jones’s book Wisdom to Wellness is effectively a masterpiece. Now, this strong statement needs explaining. But first, a disclaimer. My opinion is NOT based on my book Messages from the Body. Rather, it’s based on the fact that Maureen has taken her profound wisdom and life experiences to pull together a remarkably effective healing system and a brilliantly presented interpretation of several of the disorders from my book.

Why is that important? It makes Wisdom to Wellness a manual for self-healing and for client-serving that can be virtually life-saving. It also provides a working model for how to understand both the emotional and soul determinants of disorders that underlie physical ailments. Its strength lies in providing a guiding example of how to go about healing them.

All of these things make Wisdom to Wellness an invaluable teaching device for people to work with—to free themselves from the shackles of the outcomes of their life’s history. This major breakthrough for both physical and mental healers will have a huge impact on how we regard and approach physical disorders. It should be on every healer’s desk and, indeed, in every home.

~ Michael J. Lincoln, PhD, author of Messages from the Body and forty other books

Maureen is offering us a life changing complement to the many self-healing techniques that exist.  Her MO Technique stimulates work/processing at many levels simultaneously – energetically, emotionally and rationally incorporating both right and left brain as well as the chakra system. I found it to provide a refreshing change of pace from the many self-help books available.

 ~Bev Hollander, BSN, MS, HNC-BC, FCN, 2010 President of Imagery International

Maureen Minnehan Jones is trained in Western medicine and, with a broad understanding of healing in its deepest sense, offers a gold mine of important information in this important book. Using examples of celebrities and ordinary people, she skillfully takes us through a process of healing that offers hope and practical approaches to a wide variety of disease states. Simple and complex. Powerful and easy to practice. This book should be read by everyone who aspires to healing and health.

~Kathleen Brehony, PhD,
  Author of Awakening at Midlife, Ordinary Grace, After the Darkest Hour, and Living A Connected Life

Wisdom to Wellness is a healing catalyst that valiantly carries "the banner of truth." Written with compassionate comprehension, it offers a deep understanding of the truth behind how disease is created. More than that, it provides a new paradigm for living a healthy and whole life—for all people. Wisdom to Wellness brings a dynamic resource for healing to anyone willing to receive the message. A must read!

~Jennifer Tobias;
   Author of Live, Love and Earn: Creating Wealth While Working From Home and The Little Business That Wanted To Grow

“Maureen’s enlightening and heart-opening Wisdom to Wellness creates hope, understanding, and a clear path through the stress and fear of illness to true healing.”

~Lynn Telford-Sahl, M.A.,
   Author of Intentional JOY: How to Turn Stress, Fear & Addiction into Freedom (2009)

“In editing and revising Maureen's massively important work, we've learned to apply its principles to our own experiences. Maureen holds a vision of healing and love for everyone on our planet, and most importantly, she shows us how to achieve this vision, starting with ourselves. Her success in helping people heal from all kinds of diseases and conditions and stay healthy without drugs or surgery indicates that a paradigm shift is in order for the medical community. Wisdom to Wellness reflects positive action based on earnest research and well-tested experience. It's a book we're proud to endorse from a writing and a content point of view.”

~Barbara McNichol Editorial Team

"For those who already know or intuit that self-love is the primary path for healing illness, this book absolutely nails the practical steps to get there from here. Practitioners in all modalities owe it to themselves and their patients to digest this book."

Lee Glickstein
Founder and President
Speaking Circles International


Wisdom to Wellness published by O-Books, an imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

DISCLAIMER: This book is not intended to be a replacement for good medical diagnosis and treatment. It’s best to ask your physician if this self-healing method could be used with your treatment plan. Therefore, before attempting the MO (Modus Operandi) Technique, it is suggested that you seek the expertise of a trained physician for diagnosis, treatment, and guidance for using this particular therapeutic modality.