I came to see Maureen after I saw a presentation she did on her work. At the time, I was struggling with very painful plantar fasciitis in my left foot which was preventing me from doing all of the things that I normally enjoy, like walks with my husband. It was so painful, that I had a hard time walking and would hobble out of bed each morning. I have tried all the shoes, ortho inserts, etc. but nothing really helped.

I was also struggling with my business. My real estate business had slowed and the transactions that I did have all seemed to be more difficult than ever!

Through her technique, Maureen helped me identify what belief systems were creating my difficulties and helped me to release it. She was able to help me draw connections to things that I never even considered. She sent me home with my 40 days of affirmations and guess what? Not only was my plantar fasciitis gone the following morning, but I had a brand new listing that day, and 2 more that week. My business is flowing to me and I am back to enjoying gardening and walks with my husband!
I am amazed- but not really!

My session with Maureen proved to me that she has a very deep understanding of both Western and Eastern medicine and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to resolve any struggles or issues that they are experiencing. Thank you Maureen!