Client: Maureen Minnehan Jones
Book: Wisdom to Wellness
Author: Maureen Minnehan Jones

SUBJECT: Free Review Copy: The Emotional Sources of Physical Illness
I'm writing to offer you a free review copy of the new book, "Wisdom to Wellness: Healing Your Emotional Sufferings so the Physical Healing Can Follow," by Maureen Minnehan Jones, just published by O Books.

"Wisdom to Wellness" details a technique developed by Jones -- a registered nurse for 38 years -- for identifying and releasing the emotional sources of physical illness. Building on the work of authors Michael J. Lincoln, Ph.D., and Louise Hay, tracing ailments to their emotional roots, Jones demonstrates a proven method for releasing psychological trauma and restoring the body's natural ability to heal.

Jones has worked as a registered nurse for over 38 years. Twelve years ago, she was diagnosed with a blood disorder, megaloblastic anemia. She first learned to heal herself before teaching her "modus operandi" or MO technique to others. "Wisdom to Wellness" contains dozens of case histories of people who have used the MO Technique to release their emotional pain and recover the ability to heal.

How does the MO technique promote natural healing? Let me send you a copy of this new book and a press kit. For a free review copy of "Wisdom to Wellness" (O Books, ISBN 978-1846943997, 290 pages, paperback, $24.95) -- or an interview with author Maureen Minnehan Jones -- please reply with your preferred mailing address.

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